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Innovative and integrated financial consultancy and solutions in the treasury.

Consulting Treasury products and derivatives
The definition of the treasury products and derivatives of currencies, metals, interest rates and lending through local and Gulf banks in a manner not contrary to the laws of the Ministry of Commerce and the Capital Market Authority.
  • Consulting The strategic use of derivatives is a smart way to manage risk in your balance sheet. A comprehensive approach ensures you incorporate appropriate derivatives to achieve a guaranteed return.

    In business, there are many factors that can’t be controlled especially in international business, one of those factors is the fluctuation of currency exchange rates, metals and commodities. However, these movements in foreign exchange rates should not affect your business. As soon as you know about the risk exposure you would take action to protect yourself and your future cash flows. You can reduce these risks with strategic advice if you have the right Consultants and service providers.

    Our foreign exchange specialists can provide Consultancy in a comprehensive range of protection products and services to offset exposure to foreign currency fluctuations, metals and commodities. Whether your risks come from trade or capital flows, we can mitigate the exposure to future loss expected at very competitive prices.

    Risk mitigation structures are linked to exchange rates and can be tailored to your need, to minimize exposure to financial statement risk (budget) and financial margin risk arising from price volatility. Some of these products structure to be zero cost. We provide consulting in a wide range of foreign exchange derivatives, metals and commodities, Derivatives include:

    Vanilla Option calls and puts

    Zero cost Options

    Knock-in forwards

    Knock-out forwards

    Strangles & Straddles

    TRF   Target Redemption Forwards

    Duel Currency Deposited DCD

    (By closing today’s futures rates, you can rest assured of a reduced risk for tomorrow.))

  • Assure and identify the risks you may be exposed to with interest rate swings by consulting private treasury derivatives.
    Interest rate risk is associated with each business entity using medium and long term credit. But you can reduce these risks by strategically consulting the interest rate derivatives, if you have the right Consultants and service providers.

    We advise solutions that reduce the risk of interest rates on balance sheets, taking into account the overall environment. Derivatives include:

    Fixed-float vanilla interest rate swaps

    Cross-currency swaps

    Caps and floors


Consulting and studying the risks of the global financial markets
Study risks to protect companies and investors from the risks resulting from fluctuations in the prices of the money market, foreign currencies, metals and commodities, which reflects positively on profitability.
Treasury bonds consulting
Consulting in local treasury bonds of companies, banks and government and international treasury bonds
Consulting in investment funds
Consulting in investment funds and identifying their risks to reach the appropriate investment decision
Individual private consultations.
Use our expertise in local banks
Use our expertise in local banks to obtain competitive bank rates for currencies, interest rates and lending. In a manner that does not contradict the laws of the Ministry of Commerce and the Capital Market Authority.
Training on the tools of derivatives
Training on the tools of derivatives and reading the indicators of trends in financial markets and periodic economic data.

Integrated consulting services with external offices

Other financial and accounting consultations in cooperation with external offices as cooperating consultants

Financial Solutions
Preparing financial studies and reports to assist our partners, whether investors, businessmen, executive departments and financiers, to make financial decisions related to investment, acquisition, Merge and exit from investments, using the mechanisms and scientific methods recognized to achieve their strategic objectives.

work plan
Interactive Financial Models
Investment valuation
Financing arrangement
Financial restructuring
Due diligence examination

Financial Logistics Solutions
We process the financial statements of our business partners using the usual accounting methods to obtain accounting and financial reports that help our partners to rely on accurate information about their financial situation, enabling them to monitor their business more effectively.

Accounting bookkeeping
Preparation of financial statements
Bank Account Reconciliation Note
Preparing financial reports
Preparing of financial analysis

Management Solutions
We develop the internal management environment for companies and institutions by preparing regulations, procedures and policies that regulate the relations between all parties concerned in accordance with the laws and regulations and regulatory systems that achieve the strategic objectives of our partners.

Corporate governance
Preparation and development of internal regulations
Development of human resources
Development of internal control

Banking Solutions
Assisting our partners in establishing and managing their banking and banking relationships with local and foreign banks, with high efficiency and positively reflected in the level of services obtained by our partners in terms of cost and return.

The banking services we provide are centered around three axes:
– Establishing relationships with commercial banks to achieve the strategic objectives of our partners.
– Management of cash accounts.
– Credit facilities management