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Trends Power For Financial Consultancy (for non-securities)

Over 20 years’ experience in treasury and banks.

Established under License No. 13595 for Financial Consultancy

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Providing specialized financial consultancy services, in a professional and technical manner that exceeds our client’s expectations, and building long term relationships with our clients in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.


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to provide financial and administrative services in the treasury and other sectors in a professional manner that exceeds the expectations of our clients, relying on a group of consultants and experts who have over 20 years of professional and academic experience in the field of consulting, financial solutions and treasury products. To build long term relationships with our customers in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.

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Ali Mansour Ekhwan
    Ali Mansour Ekhwan
    Financial Consultant

    Mobile : 0505899373

    Email : Ekhwan@trends-power.com